Hugh Piggott 2004 Monday

Monday... first day of the seminar

Monday started with a "meet and greet" session with all the attendees, and we recieved various handouts and details of what was to come. Then the first actual project. One of the windmills made at the previous years workshop is flying at the general store on the island, and the goal was to lower it, inspect it, do some maintenance, and raise it again. This picture is before taking it down.

A closer view of the mill...still standing.

Workshop attendees getting ready to assist in lowing the 80' tilt up (or down) tower.

Down she goes.... no problems at all. Lowered with a truck with some pulley assist.

Here she is on the ground awaiting a checkup. All seemed in order. Just some minor lubricating to be done. A bit of touch up paint. One minor glitch surfaced when showing the wiring... the crimp connectors fell off when showing the wiring to the rectifiers. That problem was remedied before the mill was raised, of course.

After inspecting that windmill, and putting it back in service, there was a safety session, and folks pretty much got started...mostly getting ready for the following day of work.

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