Hugh Piggott 2004 Wednesday

Wednesday... more progress and a tour

Into the thick of things now... things are starting to come together, but still lots and lots of work to do in order to get both the machines completed. No time to waste at the shop... we're basically still getting started.

Starting early... Folks cutting some fiberglass mesh for the stator.

Here is a picture of the frame for the larger machine that Betsy was welding up... shown in the Tuesday pictures.

More soldering and wiring

...And bladework

Lunch was to go on Wednesday, and we had the opportunity to check out a very professional installation of an African Wind Power machine on the island... On a...I forget... 140' tower. Very impressive.

Pretty awesome thing to stand under.

This is just what I thought to be a rather nice view from the AWP site... with the Volvo of course.

OK.. that was fun, but back to work...

Hugh inspects some blade work... apparently it was acceptable, as it didn't turn into a practice blade. Actually looking very good.

Here the frame for the smaller machine is being made and adjusted, and soem tower work is being done in the background.

And the mold for the first stator is ready, as are the coils... so casting started Wednesday afternoon.

More casting on that stator.

Inside the shop, Humphrey works on soldering up the coils for the smaller machine so it can be cast the next morning.

Here you see the mold with its lid clamped down... Heat lamps to expedite the setup of the resin. Of course, them lamps ain't left on overnight.

That was about it for the shop work that day. But later in the evening we had the real treat of getting to meet Bill Beatty, the science hobbiest. He did a brief talk and demonstrations of electricity basics, and came along with lots of fun toys. He also did a bunch of microwave oven demonstrations... we got to see all sorts of neat effects that can be done. His presentation was, in my opinion, one of the (many) high points of the week. I don't have pictures of his presentation ready yet unfortunately... Suffice to say, no gathering at cabin #6 on Wednesday... Bill's presentation went on rather late.

And, be sure to check out our book Homebrew Wind Power for more small wind power information!

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