Hugh Piggott 2004 Friday

Friday... TGIF

Getting down to crunch time, and there's still so much stuff to do in order to get completed machines done on Saturday..

The rotors that were cast at the end of the previous day are ready to be removed from their molds.

While the rotors for the smaller 8' machine are getting ready to be cast. Magnets have been placed on the steel discs, and they are aligned in the molds and ready to pour the resin.

Work outside continues as well... here Van cuts some angles on the tail support pieces such that they will fit to the hinges.

DanF and Betsy still trying to get that tail piece for the smaller machine to fit and work properly...

Making sure the resin is good, and that the fiberglass mesh is is all in place over the magnets for one of the rotors before clamping the lid tightly on the mold.

The lids of the mold are held on with pieces of steel, which are strongly attracted to the magnets below. These rotors turned out fine, but another set fo rotors had some problems with this method... details on that to follow.

More work on the tail of the 12' machine..

Humphrey getting ready to place the fiberglass resin over the magnets of Hal's windmill... this is one of the rotors that we would have troubles with. I suppose its time to introduce Hal... Hal is a great guy from the Seattle area. He had bought Hugh's windmill plans well in advance, and started building his windmill. He brought out the work he had done thus far, and some of the folks helped with progress on his machine. Hal is also a super musician as we found out, playing his pedal steel guitar. It was a treat to have had the opportunity to meet someone good character such as Hal. If you are someone that might like pedal steel guitar jazz music, I strongly recommend that you get in touch with him...

Betsy welding again... still working on getting the tail right...

Inside at the woodshop, getting the blades aligned.

And here the blades for the 8" mill are assembled...nearing completion.

After the shop session on Friday, there was no presentaion. Instead, there was a potluck dinner with local residents invited. After dinner, there were talks related to renewable engergy by experts in various fields... Including Hugh as seen.

That ended the organized part of Friday. Only one more day to go, and still plenty to do...

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