Hugh Piggott 2004 last day

Music party... almost every night

After the casual presentations, there was often a gathering including live music... Not to be expected, mind you, but most welcome. The following pictures were taken in our cabin... where the Dans and me stayed... cabin #6.

Here was the first night...pretty casual. You see Mandolin Mike, Dan, and Dan. Ian was there that night too, but I didn't get any pictures.

I did get a picture of the visiting dog though...

This here dog had a collar and tag with the name "Jake" upon it. She was a sweet dog... we called her "Jackie". She made herself at home.

Tuesday we had the opportunity to meet Hal Merril. He came up and and asked to bring his instrument in...of course, we agreed. especially after finding out he played the pedal steel. Here he sets it up.

We also had the privilege of having Ian and his daughter Rose along for the night. Ian knows lots of great songs, and Rose sings beautifully with him. It was a treat to have them there.

No music the following night... we had the seminar by Bill Beatty which went on late... that was just as fun if not more.

Thursday was the "Dans" brief seminar, followed by Jerry Howell... pretty good gathering thereafter...

Danb had made a washtub bass before his presention. .. Here we have Gabe playing that, and another local fella on the banjo on the right. All that, as Ian takes a picture of me taking a picture of him.

Jerry from Audio Source came by and played bass for a while after he gave his talk about his experience with RE and homebrew windturbines.

Jeff also turned out to be a fine guitar picker... not to mention Gabe who could play more than just the "gut bucket"

That was about all I got for Thursday night... Friday was OK too...:

Finally got Betsy over to play the warshtub base. She was a natural of course...

Hal on his pedal steel...

Humphry took a shot at the bass.

It was a treat to have Andy show up that night...

Of course Andy had to give the bass a try as well....

Here Shawn and Mike have a wonderful Bass/Mandolin duet!

I can't recall the name of the bass player... It was probably getting late by this point that night, and I woulda been lucky to be able to take any picture...

Saturday night was also a great time... but I didn't get many pictures... But here (clockwise starting at the bass) we can see Hugh Piggott, umm...forget the next fella's name...sorry, Then the Dans... DanB standing, DanF on the couch relaxing with the Dobro, Then the back of Hal playing is wierd instrument, then Andy, and finally Kelly who is a semi-local fella from nearby Whidbey island..

We also had the rare opportunity to have a professional bass player show up.. Here, Rose shows her unique and innovative style... being able to pluck the single string with her hand, her foot, and her teeth. All at once if so desired...

All in all, we all had a great time. Including Hugh... He obviously enjoys playing the washtub bass...therefore he is a bass player. Cheers, and thanks to all!

And, be sure to check out our book Homebrew Wind Power for more small wind power information!

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