Insulation for Saving Energy

How Insulation Can Help to Save Energy
(and earn you federal, state and local tax credits)

What the heck is MPPT?

Midnite Classic MPPT controller for solar, wind and hydro

Midnite Classic MPPT controller for solar, wind and hydro

Tilt-up MET tower videos

First, the helper gin pole goes up by hand, and then the gin pole. Yes, it's a gin pole for the gin pole.

And then the lift; 2 hours 45 minutes total time...(80 meter MET tower)

Solar Panel Syndrome - A New Scourge?

Consulting Services

Dan Fink and Dan Bartmann are available for speaking, teaching and consulting on renewable energy issues. Combined, they have over 35 years of off-grid electrical experience.


Areas of specialisation:

100-meter tilt-up MET tower

Build your own solar panels? E-book scam!

Ads like these are all over the Internet these days:

"FINALLY REVEALED: The secrets to making your own solar and wind power for less than $200."
“Hi, my name is xxxxx and I'm going to help YOU reduce your power bill by 80% or even eliminate it completely. Not only that, if you create more energy than you use, your power company will actually pay you! After 15 years in the renewable energy industry I know what works and I know how you can start saving money.”

Efficient Lighting Basics

By Dan Fink
Otherpower co-owner, Huffington Post blogger.
Originally published by the Huffington Post.

Amidst much media buzz about efficient new lighting technologies and a general uproar about government light bulb "bans" worldwide, the most fundamental rule for saving energy on lighting seems to be fading: Make only as much of the right kind of light as you need, and shine it only where you need it. That's the key to saving money on your lighting bill.

New Gas Can Idiocy

It's getting really, really difficult to find a decent gas can anymore. The old kind, with a vent cap on the back, and a flexible plastic nozzle to pour from.

Living off the grid, gasoline cans are in important part of life. Gas for the portable jobsite generator, chainsaw, weed whacker, snowmobile, and fire pump, extra for long 4WD trips in remote areas, I need to carry gas around!

Now we are stuck with engineering FAILS like this:

And this:

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