We at Otherpower.com have always been in a quandary...we have more time on our hands than money, and remote power equipment is expensive! That's why we started making our power from scratch! The experiments presented here are not to be interpreted as "plans" or "kits"--they simply show what we did, and how it worked. Some of these experiments worked well, some were partially successful, and others were complete failures! But we hope that our experiences will provide a good starting point for your own experimentation. And if you've done something really cool, Contact us -- we might publish it for you!

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WARNING!! These experiments are things we and other people have done. We are serving only to share free information and take no liability for the dangers imposed should somebody attempt these experiments at home. Most of these could be dangerous! If you are unsure of the dangers involved, DO NOT try any of these experiments! Always wear eye protection and gloves. FAILURE TO INITIATE AND FOLLOW YOUR OWN SAFETY PROCEDURES MAY RESULT IN BODILY INJURY OR DEATH! Possible hazards include high and low voltage electrocution, large items spinning very fast that could remove your head, high towers, power lines, battery acid, explosion danger from hydrogen or propane gas, and faulty wiring causing fires. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE, DON'T EVEN START!!!!!!